Why is it as soon as I’m ready to dig in on my novel, I get a new idea for something shorter?  A rhetorical question.  I know the answer.  I’m stalling.  I’m in the middle of Spinners of Fortune (if I don’t change the title).  The big sag.  Even with plot points, character wheels (thank you, Shirley Jump.  Love the idea–), and a story I really like, the middle is WORK.  Start ups are exciting–like a new romance.  Middles are more like marriage–the everyday kind of stuff.  But for this month, writing will be choppy, at best.  Ty graduates on the 25th.  Out of town guests are coming and staying at our house.  I love guests.  Love cooking.  So why not make it a fun month all the way around?  I can cook and clean between novellas.  The murky middle can wait until June.  No fairies will come on magic wings and write scenes for me.  Tyr and Diana will still be there, waiting impatiently for me to get in gear.  And I will.  In June.

2 thoughts on “Aaarrrrgh!

  1. I love your analogy that the middle of a book is like a marriage. I have to admit I’m gun shy. I don’t like to start writing until I’ve convinced myself it’s going to work.


  2. Yours does work. Your new book is awesome! Mine do, too, after I suffer and complain. But I have to admit, I’ve written books just to see if they’ll work or to try something new. Not brilliant, because I have to stick them in a drawer. But I learn something from them.


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