The Three Fates & Writing

I saw a quote on twitter a few days ago that I’ve had taped over my computer for a long time.  “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.  We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

I first saw Stephen Covey’s words on Jonathan Cainer’s horoscope site years ago, and they struck a chord with me.  If you really believe that there’s life after death, then we’re already immortal, right?  Of course, my friends who are atheists would disagree with me.  Maybe my Jewish friends too.  They’d say that when we die, our energies are converted into something else useful for the universe, and we are no more, that we live on in the good works we leave behind.  I’m not bringing this up to argue the point, it’s just that–for me–Greek and Norse myths sneak into my writing more than I realize.  And I wrestle with the idea of Fate.

My dad, who was an atheist, believed that a man’s days were, indeed, numbered.  I’m not sure how he could argue that point if we’re randomly conceived, but mortals aren’t always rational, are they?  Otherwise, he’d say, how could one man be hit by lightning three times while plowing his field and survive, then trip on a curb and break his neck?  And he’d finish with, “It was his time.”    The Greeks would agree.  The three Fates foretold your destiny when you were born.  Clotho spun your thread of life. Lachesis measured it out, and Atropos snipped it when your days were finished.  Horoscopes hint at the same thing.  How the planets are aligned on the day of your birth foretell the ups and downs of your journey through life…and some say, the time your journey is finished.

I bought a book once–9 Chances to Live a Happy Life–(which, of course, I loaned to someone and no longer have), but the author contended that before we (spirits) come to earth, we choose our date of birth, our own name, and our parents to preordain each step of our journey here.  That’s pushing it a bit for me.  Who, in their right mind, would choose abusive parents on purpose?  But I liked the general idea of the book–that every step here is to make us grow.  The old idea that Life is a Classroom.

The truth is, I still have more questions than answers when it comes to Life.  But I still like the idea of some sort of plan, some reason for us to hang out here.  (But that might be the teacher in me.  My husband rolls his eyes and says, “You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher.”  He might be right).  But I fret with those ideas in novels here and there.  So I decided to simply make it a major part of the novel, FABRIC OF LIFE.  In that story, the world’s population has grown too much for the Fates to keep up, so special mortals are chosen to help with the load.  Thea Patek is the weaver for the area she lives in.  She dutifully races to her studio before each new soul comes to earth and weaves a bookmark for them, the threads colored by the position of each planet at their birth.

Anyway, it was fun to write about Thea and the mystery person who sneaks into her studio and unravels the knots at the end of choice bookmarks, causing victims to die before their allotted time.  But as usual, when I finished writing, the same, old questions remained.  No brilliant inspiration sent me celestial answers, but I had a good time pondering the questions.

9 thoughts on “The Three Fates & Writing

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I am Seventh-Day Adventist and as an avid writer myself I find that my writings have a very spiritual tone to them at times. I also enjoyed your conversation on the notions of Life, Death, and Life after Death. I believe that when one dies they know nothing, this is a concept gained from the Bible. But I do believe that there is a life after death that involves the second coming of Jesus Christ. Keep asking questions, keep writing. Truly enjoyed your thoughts.


  2. If somehow I would know for sure that this is all there is, that there is nothing else beyond death…I would feel entirely lost. This can’t be all!!! I have personally experienced tiny glimpses of beauty and sublime that cannot be of this world…My instinct tells me there are astonishing worlds and dimensions out there that wait to be discovered :).


  3. That’s the way I feel, that things just keep getting better on our journey. I don’t know if we go directly to a final destination or if we take it step by step and enjoy the trip, but I think it’s all Good.


  4. Judith when you sign your comment on my blog, the name leads to a Google Plus account and there is no link to your blog there..I thought it would be useful for you to know. Kisses.


    1. Thanks. I haven’t been able to sign in with my wordpress account lately. Not sure why. But I wanted to leave a comment, because I always find what you write intriguing, so I have to say SOMETHING. Good luck with your writing! Have you thought about trying for magazine markets instead of just contests?


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