It’s spring.  73 degrees outside.  And I’m not sure why, but every year, when the weather turns warm, for at least a week, sometimes two, I’m LAZY.  I just feel like slumping in a hammock, sipping lemonade, and doing NOTHING.  I looked at my flower beds today, got excited about seeing the green sprouts poke higher and higher, but did I rake them?  No.  What did I do instead?  I made two, huge pots of soup.

My daughter, Robyn, called and laughed at me.  “Soup, when it’s 73 outside?”  She and her husband live in Florida.  What does she know?  She doesn’t make big pots of soup on Saturdays to have for lunches during the week.  Because it’s too nice and sunny for her to WANT soup.  My daughter, Holly–a nurse, dropped in on her way to work, and she took a few plastic containers of soup to work with her to eat on supper breaks, because soup’s fast and satisfying.

I know, though, that sometime in the near future–I’ll ease myself from one season to the next–I’ll switch my jeans for capris, and I’ll want salads or sandwiches for lunch instead of soup, but it takes me a while.  My friend, Carl, told me that it takes at least two weeks to even start to break a bad habit or start a good one and at least a month before you can relax your guard.  It takes me two weeks to settle into good weather.

As for my writing?  That’s my constant.  I sit at my computer every week day and hit the keys.  It’s the personal core that the rest of my life revolves around.  So just like the mailman–through rain, sleet, or snow, sunshine or blizzard–I’ll work to write a scene and turn out pages every day.

I hope the Muses smile on you and the sun caresses your soul, and keep writing!


P.S.  Michael Prete, who does my covers, came up with a new one for me for Empty Altars.  The old cover fit the story, but the new cover fits it better AND it will blend with the cover for the 2nd Emtpy Altars novel, which should be out soon.  Anway, I love what Michael did!  cover_38_thumb



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