Writing: hurrying, so I can go slow

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! My daughter, Robyn, in Florida, sent me the newest novel by Sarah Addison Allen. We try to buddy read her books when they come out, we both enjoy them so much. They have a lovely, lyrical quality we both enjoy–a perfect Mother’s Day present. My other daughter, Holly–in town–is having us over for supper at her apartment later this week. She’s a nurse, so we celebrate around her schedule. Night shift makes family gatherings tricky, but we’ve all gotten used to it. Holly reads almost every single one of my manuscripts. She’s an Aries–they say what they think–so she lets me know if I’ve screwed up or gotten it right–exactly what I need. She has the first draft of Blood Lust right now. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back “bloody” with red ink:)

I’ve been writing like a crazy woman lately. I had my entire year planned out, what I wanted to write, and when. But I’ve been encouraged to try my hand at a straight romance. I’ve never written one of those. I use romance as subplots in my urban fantasies, but the main plots hang on good vs. evil and a battle to the finish. Hinging an entire plot on moving a relationship from single to together is going to prove tricky for me. I can’t dismember or kill anyone:) But I’m sort of psyched by the challenge. I like to push myself once in a while, see what happens. I have, however, a few things I want to wrap-up before I commit to writing long term in a genre I’m unsure of. So I’ve been busting out the long hours to finish up my novella bundles and the rewrite for SPINNERS, the second Empty Altars novel that should go up this summer. And I’ve been determined to market more, not less. All in all, it’s been great motivation for me to get my fanny in gear. I plan to write, write, write all this month, so that when I start the contemporary romance in June, I can take my time to learn as I go. Summer should be leisurely:)

I even decided to write a short-short story for my webpage to introduce people to Babet & Prosper. Sad, but true, I just really enjoy writing about River City and all the supernaturals that walk its streets. So if you’d like to give them a try, here’s the link: https://writingmusings.com/. Scroll to The Pied Piper, if it doesn’t come up on that page.

Next Friday, on the 16th, my Emerald Hills novella bundle will go online, and I’m offering EVERY novella and bundle I have for 99 cents each, no matter the length, from May 18-25. Emerald Hills has SEVEN novellas in one bundle–one short read for each day of the week. Between trying to promote that and finishing up a few other urban fantasies, I shouldn’t have time to get in trouble for the rest of May. But just wait until June. Who knows what I’ll get up to then?

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