Writing: Play Time

This coming Wednesday is another Scribes meeting. My writing group meets twice a month most months. We only get in one meeting in November. Thanksgiving sidetracks our second one. And one meeting in December. We don’t even try to compete with Christmas. But once a summer–this coming Wednesday this year–and every December, instead of a regular meeting we have a carry-in. We used to pretend that we’d still get around to serious subjects. We’d schedule one or two readers and a speaker. Now, we don’t even bother with that. We just bring food, get together, and enjoy each other’s company.

I have to say when you get a lot of writers together, somewhere during the day, we end up talking about all of the things we can’t get to in regular meetings. Marketing. Books we’ve read and loved. Anything new we’ve read or learned. If someone has a book coming out. All of the things that go along with the writing life. And once we’ve covered those things, then we talk about our kids, our lives….we’ve become close friends over the years.

It’s nice to shake up the old routine once in a while. It rejuvenates me, kicks me out of my rut. And sometimes, let’s face it, it IS a rut instead of a routine. Or should I say habit? I’m a pretty focused person. I plop my fanny in a chair most week days and pound out words, and I write a blog most Sundays, but breaks can be good. My friend Kathy, (she belongs to Scribes, too), tweeted about going on vacation and panicking because she wouldn’t be sitting in front of her computer everyday. http://findingfaeries.wordpress.com/ It was a fun blog, but I know what she means. We get so wrapped up in the worlds and words we create that sometimes, we need to get away from them. We need to LIVE and ENJOY. And then, when we return to our computers, we’re refreshed. And ready to write again:)

FYI: This blog is shorter than usual, because Sia Marion invited me to a World Blog Tour about “how I write.” Her post went up July 15: http://sia4215.blogspot.com/2014_07_01_archive.html. Mine goes up this Tuesday, July 22. It always interests me how different writers write, so hope you check these out.

P.S. My agent okayed my rewrites for SPINNERS OF MISFORTUNE, and Sharon can get to it in a couple of weeks, so hopefully, it will be up near the end of July or the beginning of August. Good news to me! http://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/

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