Empty Altars is FREE

Empty Altars is free for Kindle, Aug. 14-18. It goes on Ereader News Today on Aug. 15–the first time I’ve used that site. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Empty Altars is FREE

  1. Just getting to my mail now. Please send me the bitly on EA so I can tweet it. A little wigged out. Learned this week I may get my hours cut at work. It’s a chore to get my bills paid having dropped one day a pay period. . May have to drop another, which will mean cutting something from the budget, but the bonus will be more time to write. Have been fiddling with Wattpab and tweaking blog. Thinking of doing the Google Plus thing, since I can see that I’m getting sales from the blog. I think the key is to make the blog content quirky/humorous. I got a lot of hits on my webpage the day you did a tweet for the July blog! Will call you Monday to chat about how we’ll run the Tuesday thingie.

    M.L.Rigdon http://mlrigdon.com fantasy http://amzn.to/1686KPo aka Julia Donner regency http://amzn.to/WuqY4b

    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 15:10:01 +0000 To: mlrover@outlook.com


    1. The bitly is http://amzn.to/Xfsx2V. I can’t believe it. The minute I put it up for free on Kindle, my ranking started going up and it’s just kept going. It was #89 this morning! Not sure how that happened before it even went on ENT, but it’s awesome. I put it on Goodreads, my Facebook page, twitter, and here. I finished a short story about Enoch to put up free somewhere, but I’m not sure where to put it (how smart is that?) How’s Wattpad working for you? I think you have to look at a few other authors’s work and leave something on their Wattpad pages to really get started. I found some good stories with fresh voices there. All for a young market, though. I think humor always draws people–I know I enjoy it. We should “trade” blog posts some Sunday. You write about getting historical fiction right on my blog, and I’ll write something for your blog. (Don’t make it too hard:) Something to think about. Hate it that your money’s going to be tight, but glad you’ll have an extra day to write. More Regency for me to read:)


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