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My third Fallen Angels novel, BLOOD LUST, will be online soon. Michael Prete at http://vertex10.com/ is designing another cover for me, but I used this image to help me create Feral. Interesting villains make for interesting books, and I found Feral particularly intriguing. She was just devious and crazy enough to push a lot of Enoch’s buttons. In this book, Feral comes to Enoch’s home city–Three Rivers–to open a vampire nightclub, but she follows all of the rules “good” vampires abide by. Enoch, a fallen angel, respects rules, but discovers those rules leave plenty of holes for serious problems. Feral listens to classical music, and Enoch decides “She must fancy herself as cultured, as if listening to Mozart lifted her to a higher rank. That would be like sprinkling diamond dust across a cesspool. It didn’t change the disgusting mess underneath.” I enjoyed creating Feral.

In this book, I wanted to focus some attention on Voronika. Enoch has chosen a vampire as his mate. Voronika hates what she is. She sometimes comes off as cold and self-centered, but when her mortal friend, Maggie, tells her she’s pregnant, Voronika struggles to be happy for her. Vampires can’t procreate. She’ll never have a child, and she tries not to feel jealous.

My last goal, in this book, was to write an urban fantasy that didn’t involve one battle leading to the next. I like battles, but I wanted this book to have different conflicts and tension. I got mixed reviews from my critique partners on that, so I bumped the stakes higher and was happy with my characters and story line.

For my next urban fantasy–the third book in the Wolf’s Bane series–I’ve typed out 28 plot points, and the story calls for enough battles to make up for my cat-and-mouse games in BLOOD LUST.

I’m making this blog post shorter than most. My grandson’s staying with us over Thanksgiving holiday before he heads back to college, so I’ve been cooking and playing more than usual. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. And happy writing!

P.S. I found a new blog post about plotting that I thought was especially good. Thought I’d share:


4 thoughts on “Writing–ready to go

  1. I love that image, too. I just downloaded it for my blog, though. Michael’s still working on the cover. I like that image, too. I’ll send it to you when he gets it ready to go.


  2. The shiver is good. Guessing you’re not a vampire fan:) I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, too. Are you still working on The Summoned? If you’ve hit your stride, it probably doesn’t need that much.


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