Writing: A Mixed Bag

Last week had its ups and downs. I caught whatever virus was going around and finally left my house last night for the first time since Valentine’s Day. Joyce and I take turns cooking suppers for each other on Fridays. Joyce loves to cook, and so do I. Last night, she made Swiss steak and mashed potatoes, a lush salad, and a red raspberry pie for dessert. After the four of us ate, we played cards. Always fun, but John and I got spanked in Euchre. Next week, I’ll come up with a Friday night dinner–something I look forward to. It’s fun cooking special meals for company a few times a month.

Even with the virus I caught, I got some writing done. Not as much as usual, but enough to make me happy. I finished all five parts of Freya’s story for my webpage, so I’m putting up Part 2 today.
http://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/freyas-story–part-2-empty-altars.html I got a short Babet & Prosper story finished, too, for some time in the future. The bummer news? My agent got back to me on the romance, and she approved almost all of my rewrites, but I still have to change two major scenes. Sigh. Well, at least I’m getting closer. I’m one scene away from finishing the first draft of the third Wolf’s Bane novel. But best news of all, I got quite a few new reviews when I used Ereader News Today to promote Gorgons and Gargoyles. I highly recommend Ereader News to anyone ready to promote their work.

I know this blog is shorter than usual, but my sisters are picking John and me up in a few minutes to take us out for a late lunch. It’s my cousin Jenny’s birthday, and we’re ready to celebrate.

Hope everyone who reads this has a marvelous March and the planets smile on you. Happy Writing!

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