I’m Glad I’m Not a Perfectionist:)

You know, I’ve always been goal driven. My goals might not be noticeable to anyone else, but I know they’re there. They usually involve writing. I have a chalkboard in my office–probably a security blanket from my days of teaching. If I write a note in chalk, then I should take it seriously. Right now, my board has a list of 9 goals, and 5 of them are checked off. When they’re ALL crossed off, then I start a new list. Number 1 was “Finish Part 5 of Freya’s Story.” Done, and it’s already on my webpage. Number 2 was “Write a Babet & Prosper mystery.” Done, too. I sent it to a mystery magazine, and I’m pretty sure it has too much urban fantasy to work there, but the idea intrigued me. If it’s not for them, no problem. Because then I can put that story on my webpage, too. Number 3: “Finish the draft for the third Wolf’s Bane novel and give to my critique partners.” Kabam! Done. But I still haven’t heard back from one of them, so I’m waiting to do rewrites. Anyway, you get the idea.

I make lists for lots of things. I plan out menus for meals each week. I have killer grocery store lists. I make and remake schedules. They all look good on paper. My blessing? If I fall short, hey, life happens, right? I like to be organized, but I don’t expect to get everything right. I don’t beat myself up if the gnat of laziness flies up my nose, and the house doesn’t get dusted on Saturdays (like it’s supposed to). I try to write every weekday (except Writers’ Club Wednesdays twice a month–I consider those work days in themselves). I don’t give myself how many pages I’m supposed to get done per day, because my brain doesn’t work like that. If I get my fanny in a chair and write and delete the same paragraph over and over again, I figure I needed to fight with that scene/transition/or whatever until I get right. So it’s not time wasted. Some days, I write more pages than others. But if I sit at my computer every day, eventually I’ll end up with something. Some of it’s better than others, but that’s what rewrites are for. I don’t expect perfection the first time, and I don’t expect perfection when I’m finished. Because, in my opinion, perfection is impossible to achieve. It’s only a goal to aim for. When I try something new, it’s okay if I don’t get it right the first time. As long as I strive to do my best, I’m happy with myself.

P.S. I put a new short-SHORT Fallen Angels story on my webpage. Look for Brotherly Love in the left column. http://www.judithpostswritingmusings.com/

4 thoughts on “I’m Glad I’m Not a Perfectionist:)

  1. I’m glad you have a system and understand your creative spirit as well. It’s one thing to set goals. It’s another to punish yourself if you don’t meet them!
    It’s always interesting to learn what works for other writers. I write lists but lose them! I guess this is where the panster thing comes into play,
    As to perfection- I just read an awesome ya fairytale called “The Story of Awkward” where the the antagonist is … Perfection!
    Thanks for sharing, Judy!


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