Writing: Changing rhythms

First of all, I want to wish any father out there a Happy Father’s Day! Secondly, I wish ALL of you a Happy Summer Solstice! It’s official. Today’s the longest day of the year. Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. For me, personally, the rain could slow down a little bit, and the humidity doesn’t have to try to compete with Florida’s. But Mother Nature has never listened to my vote, so I’ll take what I get, as usual:)

I’ve mentioned before that I taught elementary for six years before I had my kids, and then when the girls started school, I kept their school year/summer vacation schedule. It’s ingrained in me that I work and do “homework” nine months a year and slow down when the heat climbs. When the girls were little, and then my grandsons, I loved spending time with them while they were on summer break, so I wrote less. I was a SLOW writer back then, trying to balance too many things. I’d start a book when the kids went back to school and finish it before June 1st. In the summer, I’d only write off and on, usually on short stories. Times have changed, and I could write non-stop, year round, but habits die hard. I just finished the first draft of my second romance novel. My critique partners are probably circling things in red as I type. I could be gearing up to start pounding away on the next book. But…it’s SUMMER.

My husband’s pretty cute. After all these years, I still kind of like him, and he likes spending time with me, silly man. And in the summer, we like to take off and go for rides or hang out more. Since my romance novel is done, I’ve decided to quit work earlier each day. I’ll still pound the keys, but I won’t be as frenetic. I’ll keep HIS old schedule and quit typing every day at 3:00, and if he says, “Do you want to go…wherever,” I’m going to say “yes.” By the end of August, he’ll be sick of my company, and I’ll be revved up to write again. In the meantime, I should get a few short things written and a new book plotted and started, but I’ll do it in a leisurely manner. July and August aren’t called the “lazy days” of summer for no reason. It’s time for me to kick back.

Hope you have a wonderful summer, too! And happy writing.



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