Writing: Humbling

Every once in a while, I read something so good, it humbles me as a writer. This weekend, I went to Damyanti’s Writing Blog and read her Q & A with Susannah Rickard. It’s such a strong interview, I wanted to share it before it gets lost in all the stuff on my computer. For me, it was inspiring.
https://damyantiwrites.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/want-tips-from-an-award-winning-shortstory-author-writing/ Hope you enjoy it, and thanks, Damyanti!

3 thoughts on “Writing: Humbling

  1. It’s a wonderful interview, and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for passing it along. I’ve decided to read (and re-read) the five short stories she mentioned. I also liked her comment that writers should assume their readers are intelligent, and I certainly concur with her that a well written story is edited “dozens of times.”

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  2. I admired her approach to writing, how much she valued quality over quantity. Not that a wonderful writer can’t produce a prodigious amount of material, but that they never forget to savor and respect the written word. I saved the interview so that I can look at those stories, too. I hope I enjoy them as much as I have yours.


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