Writing: Too Busy This Week

Not much writing has gotten done this week.  We’ve had so much company lately, I’m just lucky I’ve kept up with everything.  Two weekends ago, my older daughter, Holly, came to stay with us for a long weekend so that she could go to a friend’s wedding.  This weekend, Holly returned from Indy, and my younger daughter, Robyn, and Robyn’s husband came from Florida so that Robyn could be the maid of honor in her friend’s wedding. We all attended it, and as luck would have it, the wedding took place in a big, old, beautiful barn with tiny white lights draped from high beams and a warm, country decor.  Unfortunately, there were sizable cracks between every weathered board that let wind blow in. The temperature dropped to 49 degrees, and the decor was the only thing that was warm. Certainly not us.

There’s been a lot of cooking and entertaining going on at our house, and it’s all been glorious, but I haven’t had any chunks of time for hitting the keys. The odd thing is, the less time I have to write, the more I think about it. I came up with a new idea for a Babet and Prosper novel and wrote the first chapter while the girls were running around looking for warm things to wear under their wedding duds. When everyone went to help decorate the barn, I wrote notes and a first chapter for the fourth Fallen Angels book I want to write. I didn’t have enough time to work on the romance that I’m 78 pages into. That requires more time and concentration, but quick ideas to jog my memory and get me started on my next books flew onto the pages. That’s the thing. The less time I have, the more I want to write. It’s like it gets bottled up inside me, and I need to let it out–even if it’s in short bursts.

I think I’m going to put the Babet and Prosper chapters on my webpage every other week or so. I’ve only written lunch-hour-reads about River City and its supernatural residents, and I’m itching to try something longer. The pages won’t be up tomorrow. They were written in too much of a hurry, but they’ll be up soon. I’m going to try to write them in between writing the romance and see how that works.

Everyone’s busy, so I’m guessing that you are, too. Regardless, happy writing! Keep hitting those keys!

2 thoughts on “Writing: Too Busy This Week

  1. Ah, the things we do for the ones we love. I know what you mean about ideas forming at the worst possible time. So glad I made notes on the plane. Came home exhausted but slammed out the start of two new works. And hey, what’s up. You didn’t talk about food. This could be serious….Not like you. Should I be worrying…?


  2. Lol. I cooked so much food, I might be in overload. But it doesn’t last long:) The whole wedding party ended up at our house somehow on Thursday night. I haven’t made that many dips and snacks for a long time. Maybe I should binge on cooking more often, though. I woke up with ideas for a new Babet and Prosper one morning, then the start for a new Fallen Angels the next. Suppressed writing might be good for me once in a while!


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