Chapter 20’s up



I’ve never tried writing a serial novel before, posting chapter by chapter.  Every book, no matter what you write, is divided into scenes and chapters, and each of them has to have a goal and some kind of tension.  And most writers try to end a scene or chapter with some kind of a hook so that you’re tempted to read the next page.  I’m not a big fan of cliff hangers, so I prefer hooks that plant a question in your mind so that you have to keep reading to find the answer to that question, which of course, leads to another one.  But I don’t like endings that leave you dangling.  Lots of people do, though.  Look at how successful Karen Marie Moning’s FEVER series is.  Anyway, it’s been fun writing chapters that, hopefully, pull you in and then make you want more when they end.  I never intended for River City Rumble to be a long novel, only a short one.  So things are starting to wind up.  When I finally post the last chapter, I’m going to leave the entire story on my webpage for a couple of weeks, and then I’m taking the whole thing down to smooth into a short novel I can put on Amazon.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I have.  You can find Chapter 20 under the River City Rumble tab.

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