Fangirl moment

I need to pinch myself.  USA Today HEA did an interview with me for COOKING UP TROUBLE.  THAT was a big enough moment for me, but one of the questions was “What three romance writers do you fangirl about?”  I don’t fangirl very often.  I like to think I’m too practical, but I mentioned Nora Roberts–that woman can hang anything on a romance and make it work, Sarah Addison Allen–I love how lyrical her writing is, and Catherine Bybee–because she mixes it up and surprises me with what she adds to her romances.  And then I snuck in my friend Julia Donner–because I honestly think she writes some of the best male characters I read.  It was a fun interview.  I felt all giddy when I saw it on the USA Today site this morning.  But then, EVEN BETTER, Catherine Bybee retreated it and mentioned me on her twitter page.  Catherine Bybee herself!!  I’m going to float for the rest of today:)

If you’re interested, here’s the interview:

Interview: Judi Lynn, author of ‘Cooking Up Trouble’

9 thoughts on “Fangirl moment

  1. Wow, congrats you!!!
    And that was a fun interview over there. For the record Midnight Bayou is one of my fave Nora books, too (the others I love are Inner Harbor and Blood Brothers).
    And Dutchy is adorable! I love how he has his own perch.
    Oh…and I’m a fan of The Kitchen and G.Z. too. Sounds like we have a lot in common!


  2. Yes, I would love to do that. I so need to get some promo together to share. I’m working on posts for a blog tour, but I want to put promo posts together for friends willing to host me, too. And my blog is open to you any time. Email me at maeclair (at) maeclair (dot) com if you’d like to do a guest spot. I would love to have you visit!

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  3. That was a great interview! And it seems we’re living similar lives. My hubby has been to Europe. I haven’t, but really want to go (and eat my way through Italy 😉 ). I’ve been to New Orleans, but he hasn’t. I’m also a Saturday morning Food TV junkie. (Actually, I have it on right now, too.) And I agree, Nora Roberts is amazing. I have a whole shelf devoted to her on my bookcase. But to get the RT? You deserve to be floating. Congratulations!


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