I’ve missed fallen angels

On Monday, I sent my editor (the kind and wonderful John Scognamiglio at Kensington)  my manuscript for Mill Pond 4.  He’s going on vacation, so I won’t hear back for a while to know if I need to do rewrites or not.  That’s all right.  When the cat’s away, this mouse might play.  I finished writing plot points for my fifth romance, and I’ll send those along, too, but if you’ve ever read Stephen King’s book on writing, he took time off between novels to write shorter pieces, to jostle up the creative juices a bit.  I understand that need for a jolt of something else between books.  And I miss writing urban fantasy every once in a while, so….   I put up a short chapter on my webpage, starring Enoch, sent from Home to clean up his fellow angel’s messes.  It was fun.  I’ll put up a chapter every Thursday until I finish it, and I have no idea (shocking for me) how long that will take.  Might be quick…  or not.


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