Just a little teaser

Book 3 in the Mill Pond romances is up for pre-sale.  It doesn’t come out until November 22, so don’t hold your breath, but it features Paula and Chase.  You’ve met them both already, so I thought it would be fun to show you a snippet way ahead of time:)  Jason delivers food supplies to Ian’s resort, and when he learns that Ian’s hired another chef–sexy Tyne Newsome, he knows Paula will have a few nights off each week and makes a move on her:


Jason tucked the clipboard under his arm.  “I’m going to be at Chase’s bar on Friday with my friends.  If you drop in, I’ll make time to dance with you.  Maybe we can teach each other some new moves.”

A sizzle burned through Paula’s veins.  Jason had never paid attention to her, even though, somehow, he gave off the vibe that he was very aware of her presence.  Was that his magic?  That he held eye contact a second longer than usual and then pretended not to notice her?  She raised her eyebrows, intrigued, but shook her head.  “I have to work this Friday.  Tyne’s regular hours don’t start until the weekend.”

“No problem, doll.  Just thought I’d ask.”  Jason shrugged.  “I thought you and I might fit together pretty well on the dance floor.”

Oh, Lord, have mercy!  He’d called her doll, was actually flirting with her.  She could feel her cheeks burn.  She imagined his arms around her.  Her head came to his chest—a good place for it to rest during a slow dance.  It had been a long time since a man held her.  Too long.  “Maybe the next Friday?”

“I’ll be there.  I play pool every Friday with my pals.”  Alex had loved playing pool and spending time with his buddies.  Jason stroked his goatee, as if considering the possibilities, gave her a wink, then tilted his dolly onto its back wheels and headed for the door.

Paula put her hand on her throat, almost breathless.  Jason had promised her a dance.

When the door closed, Tyne scowled at her.  “Really?  The guy didn’t put any effort into that, and you’re going to fall all over yourself?”

“Hey, I have the hots for him, okay?  It’s the first time he’s offered me a crumb.”

“What is he…fifteen?  He’ll make your day by hanging out with you?  He probably won’t even buy you a drink.”  Tyne watched the box truck pull away.  “He’s a douche.  He wanted to let me know he had you in the palm of his hand.  Sort of pathetic, if you ask me.”
“I’m not.”

“You’re worth more than that.  Guys would line up to dance with you.”

Paula motioned to her black chef’s coat and drawstring pants.  Everything she owned bagged on her.  “I don’t think so.”

“Not like that,” Tyne said.  “But if you put on something that showed you have tits and a shape, they would.”

“I need to lose weight.”

“Bullshit.  Every woman in America thinks she’s too fat.  You’re cute, and if you don’t know it, you should.”

That word again.  Cute.  But it could be worse.  She’d take it.

Tyne pointed a finger in her direction.  “Demand a little more.”

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