Dating and little sisters

My third romance is available for pre-sale now.  Kensington has started promoting it and will amp up the promotions in November, since it officially comes out November 22.   I’ll keep my fingers crossed that readers find it and like it, but I still pretty much have no name recognition, so it’s sort of a crap shoot.  I figure I still have a while before I have enough books in the series to gain an audience–if I’m lucky.  That’s okay, because I love the stories I’m telling.

In book 3, Paula Hull, a single mom and chef, is the protagonist and Chase Atwood, Mill Pond’s bar owner, is the love interest.  Paula has two kids, and they help drive the romance.  They like Chase and Chase likes them.

Way back in my ancient history, when I was in college and started dating my John, he’d always wanted a little sister.  I happened to have one.  Mary’s twelve years younger than I am, so she was only six or seven at the time.  She took one look at John, and being the smart sister she is, decided he was fair game.  She’d always run to the door to meet him when he came to the house.  She’d stall around, and sometimes, he’d take her to the ice cream stand and bring her back home before we officially started our dates.  John and I weren’t exclusive, and it reached the point that Mary would run to the door when other guys came to pick me up, and when they didn’t offer to take her for ice cream, she’d say, “I don’t like you.  I like John.  Go away.”  We had talks about that, but somehow Mary always let dates know they didn’t measure up to John.  When John and I finally got married, four years later, Mary was a happy girl.

Paula’s kids have the same reaction to Chase.  He takes them boating and fishing.   He helps them with their martial arts lessons.  He has a thing for kids, but he has a thing for Paula, too, and he’s a smart man.  It was fun working Aiden and Bailey into the romance. It reminded me of Mary and John.  After all, a writer’s experiences work their way into her stories.

Hope your writing brings you joy, too!


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5 thoughts on “Dating and little sisters

  1. Any other guy dating you would use a younger sibling, but knowing John, an idea like that would never enter his mind. He really is that nice! My John was that nice, but he also had a sly cast to his thinking, and when he had a goal, wasn’t adverse to playing all the angles.

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  2. He won you, and you weren’t in the mood at the time. He had to be sly:) I wasn’t in the mood either, but my John was playing a long game, and his self-esteem is healthy enough, he was pretty sure he was going to win!

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  3. Congrats on having book 3 on pre-order! November is right around the corner. 🙂
    I have two older sisters, the oldest who is 11 years older than me. I remember when her (now husband) boyfriend used to visit, he’d pick me up and spin me around upside down. I used to giggle like crazy.

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    1. You were the LITTLE sister:) My younger sister is only ten months younger than I am, so we were always in each other’s business and had the occasional sisterly bickers. But Mary was twelve years younger, and I thought everything about her was perfect!

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