Cover Reveal–late–oops!

Something went awry.  It couldn’t be my fault, so I’m thinking Kathy Palm’s faeries did it! But somehow I missed the cover reveal for my own, damn book!  Maybe New York lost power when my publisher sent me the news.  I’m not sure, but Book 4 is available for pre-order now, and I wrote a little about it on my webpage:

Kathy’s blog:



4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal–late–oops!

    1. You’ve made me feel a lot better! I fussed the most about this one, because the guy doesn’t make me even remotely think about Tyne. But that happens to me all the times in movies. What I “see” when I read a book isn’t always what I get:)

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      1. I have that same issue when I read something and have an image in my head of characters and then the book is made into a movie. But in this case, I really love that cover! 🙂

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