The Big, Final Push

For loving writing so much, I sure complain a lot.  Maybe my nature?  I’m an optimist–but a grumbling optimist.  When I start a book, I fuss about how hard beginnings are.  I pull teeth over first chapters and how many times I rewrite them.  If I write short, punchy chapters to keep a pace brisk, then I worry that I’ll have enough plot points for each fourth of my book. If I use lots of dialogue, my words look like they’re swimming in white space.  Will I have a high enough word count no matter how many pages I type? Once I reach the middle, I brace myself for the muddle, for the sagging when all of my characters and subplots get bogged down.  When I push past that, will all of my subplots and foreshadowing come together in some kind of a cohesive whole?  Will I have a big enough ending?

After I thought about it, I decided every part of writing is hard, and I’m never actually sure if I’m getting it right.  Somewhere along the way, I lose energy.  I see more flaws than stellar moments.  That’s when ideas flood me for new books, books that look bright and shiny, books that would never tax me, that I’d fly through with no doubts–until I start working on them:)  I’m at that point now in my sixth Mill Pond romance.  I’ve reached over 200 pages (I know, just the set up for some fantasies:).  I’ve pushed off my last plot twist for another few pages, and I’ve written so much that I can’t tell if my timing, tension, and storyline are still on track.  BUT, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve gone back and tweaked chapters as I plugged along, so the light brings me hope.  I can smell the finished manuscript.

Seventy more pages, and I should be able to breathe a sigh of relief.  Hope your writing’s coming together for you, too.  And Happy Writing!

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5 thoughts on “The Big, Final Push

  1. After writing for so many years, during the last few I’ve noticed a strange feeling that something is being left out, undone, or done wrong. Sometimes, it is wrong, but most often I’ve noticed that the writing has become so fluid that I have trouble trusting the content. I remember too clearly the early days of agonizing over how to do it right. We’ve been writing for so long that our brains are doing auto edits. I think you’re just coming to the end of the book. I also get those annoying intrusions of future stories toward the end. I’ve started jotting them down, saving them like a treatment or blurb, because it will get forgotten. You’re almost there, kid. As you tell me: just write!

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  2. I ALWAYS get those visions of shiny new stories when I near the end of a book, Judi. And like you said, they seem so promising–until I actually start working on them (always after I finish the current WIP).

    You’ve done amazing by writing six Mill Pond books.I was taxed by #3 with Point Pleasant.
    Congrats and full speed ahead!

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  3. I know the feeling when your manuscript is finished, it always feels as though you need to rewrite some lines, some words, some endings, it never feels finished until you close your eyes and just send it.


    1. 🙂 I never send anything until my critique partners have given me feedback and I’ve fixed all the stuff I didn’t see. And there’s always more than I think there’ll be. What’s in my head doesn’t always flow onto the paper:) But when that’s done, I wish it luck and send it off. You’re right. You always think it could be just a little better.


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