Stop #2 on my blog tour

I’m trying a blog tour for Mill Pond romance #4, SPICING THINGS UP.  This Tuesday, I’m at the blog Fabulous and Brunette.  Fun name, huh?

My daughter and grandson both love Thai food, so when I created a chef for this book, I came up with Tyne Newsome–a man who traveled widely after culinary school to cook in different countries.  His favorite foods, though, are spicy, especially Thai cuisine.  I can’t do super spicy–too wimpy–so I’ve fiddled with recipes to come up with something Holly and Tyler both like, and my hubs and I can eat.  I’m always stocked up on fish sauce, ginger, and lemongrass these days, along with sambal and chili paste.  The recipe I included for Ally’s interview has a little heat, but it won’t set your mouth on fire:)

If you’d like to pop by for the interview, here’s the link:


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