I shared Mae Clair’s blog with you about using memes to promote your work.  (  I’m not trying to drive you crazy with too many posts in one day, but I wanted to follow through on her advice.  If you read the comments under her blog, one of the people mentioned that she didn’t read posts that didn’t have visuals with them.  I think more and more tweeters, writers, and social media users expect graphics, etc. along with your words. And while I was feeling inspired, I decided I’d see what I could come up with.

I went to to get started, and I’m no whiz kid with multiple computer skills, but honestly, canva made it fairly easy for me to create a meme and a twitter header for my accounts.  A meme doesn’t count in your 140 characers for tweets, so it’s an added bonus. Yes, I failed a few times, but if you just let yourself play around for a while and trash your worst efforts, (they supply the trash can for rejects), I had a meme designed before I knew it.  The twitter header took a little longer because I was downloading more covers. But it was pretty easy, too.

Mine didn’t turn out as classy as Mae’s.  If I fiddle more with backgrounds, I’ll get better, but I’m all right with what I came up with in a short time.  I always read Kathy Palm’s blog (, and she always includes gifs in her posts.  I haven’t done that yet, but thought I’d start now with this one, since I’m working on mysteries now:  giphy

It reminds me of the beginning of PBS’s mysteries.  Someone falls.  Someone dies.  Lots of fun.  Anyway, here’s a link to find some free gifs: There are more sites that offer royalty-free gifs, too, but…hey!  I’m new at this.  I’ll start small.

Anyway—-and don’t judge—-here’s what I came up with in a short time today.  My twitter header:

MILL POND ROMANCES--Friendly people & a recipe for love

My meme:

First Kiss, meme

Okay, that’s all the excitement I can stand for today.  But if you decide to give gifs or a try, have fun!  And happy writing.

If anyone has more suggestions, feedback, I know I’d appreciate it.  Someone else might, too.

6 thoughts on “Memes

  1. Woohoo! You go, girl! No grass grows under your feet 🙂
    I already hopped over to Twitter to check out your header (great job) and to share your new pinned (meme) tweet. I think you did a wonderful job.I haven’t used Canva before but I’ve heard it’s very user friendly.

    Another site you might want to check out for free stock photography is
    I also pay for credit packs on I get the 25 credit pack for $49. They have amazing stuff. Between Pixabay and Bigstock,I’m in graphics heaven 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the share and new tips! I really liked Canva, and I’ll check out the stock photography. When I was looking for covers for my urban fantasies and free webpage stories, I used and Shutterstock because they had some fun fantasy stuff:) Thanks for the boost to get me motivated. I needed it.

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