This Monday is a big event!  The solar eclipse falls on our wedding anniversary.  Yes, I’ve been married to the Old Poop for a long time.  (He got the nickname after the girls and I watched the movie On Golden Pond.  And yes, Henry Fonda earned the title.  And it fits my John pretty well, too:)  It’s an endearment, and he actually likes it.  Knows I’ll love him even in his worst moods.

For years, we’ve driven to The Retreat on Lake George to celebrate our anniversaries. We used to rent a lake cottage for a week up there each year when the girls were little. When summers got too busy for that, we enjoyed driving up for a day, looking out over the water and eating the really good food the restaurant served.  But The Retreat burned down last year, and we have no choice but to start a new tradition.

This year, we’re driving to Sylvania, Ohio–over an hour away–to eat at The Seafood, a restaurant our longtime friends told us about.  We’ve never been there before, have no idea what the ambience is, but we’ll enjoy each other’s company, no matter what.  AND, it’s the one time in our lifetimes that a solar eclipse falls on our anniversary.  A good omen, don’t you think?

There’s no good writing advice or yakking today.  Just time with my husband.  So I hope your word count is multiplying, and happy writing!  Hope the eclipse showers you with creativity.


5 thoughts on “Momentous!

  1. We’ve been on a seafood binge. Heidi brought us scallops from Trader Joe’s and I made those Thursday night. Delicious. Crabmeat was on sale at Kroger, so I made crab dip on crackers for lunch on Friday, tilapia on Saturday, and sauteed shrimp for my sister and cousin on Sunday night. John’s going to be ready for red meat on Tuesday:)

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  2. Happy anniversary! How fabulous (and romantic) that a solar eclipse falls on your anniversary.
    The Retreat sounds lovely. I’m so sorry to hear it burnt down. I hope the new place is fantastic and you enjoy your special day together.
    BTW, I LOVE seafood!

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  3. The Seafood was a really good restaurant–modest prices and great seafood.We got fried calarmi for an appetizer and fried grouper for supper. A hard choice. They had a big selection. Even lobster rolls. We have to go back again:)

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