Historical Western

Mary Lou Rigdon, writing as Julia Donner, writes Regency romances that I love.  She’s decided to try her hand at historical westerns, which I also love, and submitted her book AVENUE TO HEAVEN to Kindle Scout.  For them to accept it, it needs votes.  An easy decision for me.  Receiving a coffin from your ex-husband hooked me right away.  I voted, and it IS easy.  Here are the details:

(from Mary Lou):

I’ve decide to try a Kindle Scout campaign, which means I’d love your support. To win my book Avenue to Heaven needs nominations. It only takes a few minutes and is easy.

Click on this link:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/OEESOI99NH8Q

When a coffin arrives on Annie Corday’s doorstep she knows who sent it—her former husband, one of Chicago’s most vicious crime lords. Desperate, she decides on a radical solution. If a man can advertise for a wife, why can’t she arrange for a bodyguard and temporary husband? Jake Williams isn’t looking for a wife when he comes to Chicago to buy cattle but ends up roped into a loco marriage contract. And worse, he can’t stop his headlong fall into love with a woman who will eventually leave.


To vote for Avenue to Heaven click on the blue box “Nominate Me.”

A five thousand word excerpt is provided if you want to read it. If I get enough votes, Avenue to Heaven will be published and Amazon will send you a free digital copy when the book is released.

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