Last Chapter is up

Okay, I didn’t mean to post this so soon, but my hub’s brother is coming to stay with us for five days or more on Wednesday.  He lives in Oakland, so we don’t see him that often.  I doubt that I’ll do any writing when he’s here.  If I get lucky, I’ll get to peek at my e-mails, etc.  But that’s iffy, too.  So I thought I’d post the last chapter before I disappear for a while.  Maybe you’ll have forgiven me (if this bothered you) before I come back:)

I usually write happier stuff.  This isn’t happy.  It’s on the dark side.  My hubs crossed his fingers to ward against evil when he gave me back the last chapter.  Of all the things he doesn’t read, he chose this one to try.  Who knew?  But once in a while, I NEED to write something out of my comfort zone.  Every once in a while, I need to read a PRINCE OF THORNS instead of a cozy mystery or romance.

I didn’t make this completely miserable, but it comes close:)

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