Wasted Time

We had one of our nicest, happiest Thanksgivings ever.  Nate couldn’t be with us–he’s a marine near San Diego–and we missed him, but the rest of us were here.  We’re a small group, and we were all in the mood to see each other.  Truth be told, though, I think some of the joy came from us being older, a little more mellow.

Age has some benefits.  Comments that once made tempers rise aren’t worth getting hot and bothered over.  Some of them have even become punch lines and jokes that we hear and roll our eyes.  I went overboard on the food because my daughter, the traveling nurse, might be out of town for Christmas or Thanksgiving next year.  I aimed for abundance, so made a turkey roulade and a whole turkey, so that we’d have plenty of leftovers–but not nearly as much as I expected.  We were all in the mood to overindulge.  People stayed longer than usual and conversation flowed the entire time.  A wonderful celebration of things that make us happy.  And lots and lots of fond memories.

After everyone left, I thought of Keith Urban’s song:  All That Wasted Time.  I bought his latest CD and love every song on it.  I listen to it when I cook and clean, but every time I listen to Wasted Time, it makes me think of all the time I spent alone, perfectly happy, daydreaming when I was a kid.  The line that catches me is “Ain’t it funny how the best days of my life was all that wasted time.”  Kids today are so busy.  So are their parents and everyone else.  But when I was growing up, kids had lazy summers.  At least, I did.  And I loved it.

When I talk to my friends, we’re all trying to cram too many things into our days.  How many words did we get written?  How many chores did we cross off our lists?  We have goals and we want to meet them, and we’re busy.  That’s good.  It keeps us motivated.  But I’m starting to make time for doing nothing or goofing off or seeing friends.  Life is all about balance, and I’m not going to feel guilty when I turn off my computer and relax or play from now on.

Thanksgiving was the perfect time to eat, yak, and be merry–to enjoy “all that wasted time.”   I hope yours was as nice as mine.  And on Monday?  It’s back to work, but hopefully with a little more balance.

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4 thoughts on “Wasted Time

  1. Judi, fabulous post! It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine was wonderful too, and kind of mellow with only eight of us this year as a number of our family members were travelling.

    We definitely need time to kick back, relax, and enjoy good company without feeling guilty about it. I remember those lazy days of summer too and they were sheer bliss. I’m all for catching a few of them, any time of year, as an adult!

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