Settling in

I have a cold.  My head feels gloopy inside, but it didn’t down me until today.  Which is good.  I got to enjoy every minute of Nate’s visit.  He left late yesterday afternoon to drive to Indy to see his brother one more time before he flew back to San Diego today.  Even when he was here, though, I got to sneak in a little writing time–when he was visiting old friends, etc.   And I started working on my mystery again.

It’s January.  Winter.  And 2018 started out COLD.  Below zero temperatures.  Time to stay inside and settle in for long hours of editing the three-fourths of The Bodies in the Wetland I got done before the holidays started.  From Thanksgiving to New Year’s day is hit and miss on writing for me.  I still plop my fanny in my office chair.  I still put fingers to keys, but I might only have an hour or two in the morning or a pocket of time in the afternoon.  No regular schedule.  And I’m ready for that again.

I worked on the free romance for my webpage during December, because I knew I’d be distracted, and the romance is easier for me to keep in my head.  I had the luxury of doing that since I’m ahead on the deadline for my mystery.  But I got so far away from the mystery, it took me a while to get back into it.

I do most of my rewrites as I go, but I’ve been even pickier since I’m giving this book another sweep through.  I have to.  When I signed to write three cozy mysteries, I didn’t realize they had to be SQUEAKY clean.  No cuss words at all, and I seem to have more of a potty mouth than I realized.  Damn.  Oops, I mean darn.  I was never a whiz kid at sex scenes, but everything stops at the bedroom door for a cozy.  Even internal dialogue has to be circumspect:)  So,  I’m going through the entire manuscript to censor myself.

For my next mystery, I’ll know the rules and abide by them.  Lusty thoughts between Jazzi and Ansel will be monitored.  This time, I have to find them and think of creative rewrites.  Once I get through the pages I already have, then I can finish the manuscript.  That’s another 20,000 words where everything builds to a climax, then gets solved and wrapped up.

I’m ready to be a boring person, sitting in front of my computer for hours a day again.  It feels good to settle into my writing groove.  However you write, I hope you find your flow.

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4 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Gloopy is a good descriptive word. I kind of feel the same way with junk in my head, but not enough to keep me home from work, just—ugh.

    My mysteries aren’t cozies, but when I made the switch from romance to mysteries, I stopped all sex at the bedroom door. I still get to drop cuss words 🙂 but I switched the romance to clean in my last 4 books. In my current series the romantic factor is close to “0”. I’ve cut back on the cuss words, but they still pop in now and again, LOL.

    Happy writing!

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  2. For the first time that I can recall, I haven’t been motivated to write and t’s gone on for three weeks. It’s been strange but it’s staring to come back now that the holidays are done and family has gone home.

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  3. It’s hard to be motivated with family around that you rarely get to see. You’d rather spend time with them. At least, I would. And you must, too. For us, writing’s a part of us. It’s always there. Once the people go home, we head to our computers again:)


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