Fanny in Chair

It’s been a while since I’ve turned on my computer.  When I first got home from the hospital, I made myself go through e-mails, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything that needed immediate attention.  After that, I slept a lot.  My body needed it.  But now my energy’s coming back, and I miss my writing.  So today, I went to my office and plopped my fanny in my chair.

Most of my friends write on laptops.  They can sit in their gazebos or next to a pool and pound out words.  I have a laptop, but I’m not very productive on it.  The living room and kitchen feel social to me.  They’re for visiting and relaxing.  If I sit outside, I end up watching birds and squirrels.  But when I step into my office and sit at my desk, my mind clicks into writing mode.

I have a good start on plot points for my third mystery, so I’m going to play with those this week.  That should keep me out of trouble for a while:)  And then it’s back to putting words on paper (or my computer screen).  I hope your words have been flowing, and happy writing!



8 thoughts on “Fanny in Chair

  1. I’m like you, Judi. I have a laptop and a Mac but I’m not as productive on either as when I’m in my den at my large computer. Sometimes, I can pound out a few scenes in the library or a coffee shop, but I really get into the mode when I’m in my office. I managed several scenes and am coming within closing distance on my WIP.

    Glad you’re back to being productive and enjoying writing again. Wishing you lots of productivity!

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  2. It’s great to know you’ve healed to the point where you have that urge and need to write. Good luck with the plot points! You’re good with plots!


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