Finally . . .

At last, after staring at my computer screen, lighting incense, and goading my Muse, I’ve FINALLY finished my plot points so that I can actually start writing my 3rd mystery.  I only killed one person in this book, and I have to tell you, it’s easier if more than one victim dies.  There’s nothing like a second body to send your amateur detective searching in new directions.  It took a little more mental strain to think of ways to keep the tension and pace moving forward.  I might not have made it if my cat, Dutchy, didn’t come to lie in my lap to channel inspiration to me.  For one thing, Dutchy can look innocent no matter what horrible deed he’s done and for another, he has no shame whatsoever when he does exactly as he pleases.  Great attributes for a villain.  Wonderful attributes for a cat.

It’s a good thing I finished my plot points when I did because my editor sent me his edits for my second mystery, THE BODY IN THE WETLAND, on Thursday and mentioned that when I finished making the changes he wanted, he’d like to see my ideas for book 3.  Now, I can send them.  I got lucky, because he only asked for five small changes–for me to add a few more details when I mention characters who had been in the previous mystery–along with his line edits.  I hope to finish work on those AND come up with 2 original recipes for things Jazzi cooked in book two, so that I can send him everything on Monday.

And then I can write.  I’m SO ready.  Even though I knew exactly what I wanted to happen, from start to finish, in book 3, spacing those events into 45 plot points (I didn’t make my goal of 50–and I don’t care), was like pulling teeth.  Yes–a cliche’ and not nearly as difficult as coming up with scenes for my book.  I guess it’s a balancing act.  If one thing comes too easily in a book, something else should make you wrestle with it, right?  Come to think of it, I’ve had books where NOTHING came easily, so I should just shut up and deal with it:)   But skipping the whole miserable process (this time around) never crossed my mind.  I’d played with my characters enough to know them, but I had to put my foot to their fannies to make them help  me.  Every writer has his/her own process, and without scenes laid out for me, I stumble through a book.  And it’s not pretty.  So I persevered.

The good news?  I’m ready to start hitting those keys!  Hope words are coming easily for you, and happy writing!


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5 thoughts on “Finally . . .

  1. You’re inspiring me. I just finished book 2 of my series today and have to start thinking about plot points for book 3. I’m nowhere near ready to start writing, but I am ready to start mulling over what should happen.Thanks for the inspiration. I’m so glad you’re there and ready to follow along in your wake!

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    1. Congrats on finishing book 2! I hope your plot points come faster than mine did. They dawdled this time. But when they finally came, I really liked them. This is the last book in your series, though, so everything should be in place for the big ending–so I hope ideas just flow for you.

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  2. Looking forward to reading it. I need an Ansel fix. Gonna have him working on the roof again, sans shirt? That scene was LOL with the neighbor ladies on lawn chairs to watch him work.

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