I couldn’t stand it–even though I’m in the middle of reading TROUBLE IN MUDBUG, by Jana DeLeon and really enjoying it–AND I downloaded Staci Troilo’s novel TORTURED SOUL to read next–I still HAD to buy the last Kate Daniel’s urban fantasy that just came out by Ilona Andrews.  If you’ve read my blog very long, you know how much I love that series.  Her new Legacy series, too.  I’ve bought EVERY book.  And I couldn’t wait, but I also couldn’t find it on the usual bookshelf at my local Barnes & Noble.  Why?  Because one of their helpful clerks explained that it was on the hardcover display and wouldn’t be out in paperback until a LONG time.  Now, I know I bought the previous one in paperback.  The memory is sketchy, though.  Kids were in and out of the house, staying, moving, staying a little more, and the joy of reading got a little chaotic.  But I’ve bought all of the other books in paperback.  And that’s where my sorry personal lament starts–  WHY??? Why a hardcover now?

It’s time to confess that I can be a little anal about my books.  And I should have seen this coming.  WAY back before the dawn of man, I bought every Martha Grimes’ novel and Elizabeth George novel when they came out.  And they both started in paperback and then, when they became bestselling authors, their books went to hardcover.  So did Patricia Briggs with her Mercy Thompson series.  And now, so is Ilona Andrews.  I don’t mind paying $22. for their books instead of $8.  I’m happy for all of them.  They’ve EARNED more money and recognition.

BUT–I keep all of my favorite authors’ books together on my bookshelves.  And call me a little controlling, but my rows of books look crooked when half or three-fourths of a shelf is paperback and the rest is hardcover.  It hurts my aesthetic balance.  At least, until I get used to it.  And to have an ENTIRE series in paperback with just the one, last book in hardcover?  It just looks whopper-jawed.  I’m so into this, that I’ve already decided that when the paperback version of MAGIC TRIUMPHS comes out, I’m buying it.  And putting it with my other paperbacks in the series.  And I’ll give my hardcover copy to my library and hopefully some other readers will enjoy it.  But until then, I have to be patient and wait.  Not my strong suit, but hey!  I don’t have any choice.

Do any of you have bookshelf issues?  In the large scheme of things, it’s a minor irritation, but what can I say?  I hope every book you read is a winner, and happy writing!

7 thoughts on “Why????

  1. I feel your pain, Judi. I’ve had the same problem in the past. Not only would switching mid-way through a series mess up the look of my shelves, it costs more. But if you wait for the right format, you have a LONG wait. I hate it when they do stuff like that.

    I’ve pretty much switched to all eBooks now. I always have a selection of books at my fingertips, the device is easier to hold in my arthritic hands than books are, and they don’t mess up my shelves or take up space. While I miss the tactile sensation and the smell of older books, the tradeoffs were worth it in my opinion.

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    1. I have a lot of books on my Kindle, too, (just added your TORTURED SOUL and it’s next on my list after Magic Bites), but I still like to buy the actual printed versions of my favorite authors. Guess it just makes me happy to see them all.

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  2. Books on shelves, more stacked on top of those in the gaps, boxes of them hidden under the bed and lining closet shelves. It gets out of control every few years and I have to thin the stacks but never get rid of the research books. They have to stay. There is something so comforting about being surrounded by the written word, old friends and new, including my falling apart Pride and Prejudice.

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  3. I can so relate to this! I’ll buy a hardback as soon as it comes out if it intrigues me enough, but I hate when I have an unbalanced series. I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until the fourth book was released, so I have the first three in paperback and the rest in hardback. It makes my bookshelf out of skew.

    The other thing I’m running into is that I seem to be buy more paperbacks and hardbacks these days, so my bookcase is overflowing again. I need to go through and thin it out and donate books to the library. It’s so hard to part with some of them. And I still buy a ton of ebooks. It’s getting so I need to start cleaning up my Kindle too, LOL!

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