A mongrel

Our Chihuahua has enough Pomeranian in him, he loves to snap at my Dear John’s feet–and I’ve been told that’s a Pomeranian trait.  Our cat’s a stray.  And the new story that I started for my webpage isn’t a purebred either.   Just like our pets, it’s a mongrel.

My husband loves it that I’m a writer.  Not enough to read any of the books I write, but he loves the IDEA of my being a writer.  The only exception is that occasionally, he’ll read stories that I put on my webpage, and he ALWAYS read every Babet and Prosper novella I wrote.  He had a thing about Babet and Prosper.  So did some of my friends.  Come to think of it, so did I.  And I miss them once in a while.

I also missed writing mysteries when I wrote urban fantasies.  I’m an Agatha Christie/puzzle solver at heart.  And that’s why I decided to combine the two–supernatural and mystery.  I don’t have any delusions that would sell.  Writing cross-genre books isn’t for anyone who studies markets.  It’s possible to find success if your stars are aligned and a light from heaven beams on your computer, but that hasn’t happened to me yet.  But…that’s what my webpage is for.  It’s for ME.  To write whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.

So, I didn’t want to write a different mystery series right now.  I did that with Chintz and Callum.  And even though I had a ball writing about a caterer and a cop, I yearned to write about witches and demons with a few vampires, Fae, and shape shifters thrown in.  So I decided to write Muddy River Mystery.  It’s sort of a post-as-you-go moment.  I don’t have many chapters written ahead.  But damn, I’m having fun!  And every once in a while, as much as I love meeting deadlines and developing series’ characters, I like to kick up my heels and do something different.

So, my webpage is the big blank page where I get to play.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Enjoying myself.  My wish for you:  that whatever you’re working on now, I hope you enjoy it.  And I hope the words flow for you in 2019.

6 thoughts on “A mongrel

  1. I’m so glad you’re having fun. Sometimes we get caught up in the work of writing and forget the creativity that attracted us in the first place. I’m currently in crunch mode, down to the last quarter of my WIP, but I look forward to exploring something new when I finish. Congrats on having fun with your muse!

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    1. I haven’t seen any new posts from you for a while so figured it was crunch time for you:) You must be gearing up for END OF DAY coming out next Tuesday (the 15th?) too. I’m trying to finish the book I’m reading now so I can start it when it finally shows up on Kindle! If you want to showcase it on my blog or webpage, let me know.

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      1. Oh, that is so wonderful to hear, Judi. And thank you for the offer of the blog spot. I haven’t wrote a single promotional post for this one because I’m trying to finish Eventide. I’m hoping I can throw together a few posts. It’s awful being this behind!!

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  2. It’s always a help, for me anyway, to switch out genres. It feels like things are getting “flat” and going nowhere when staying in the same genre, like a rut. Yes, it is one’s brand to crank out the same thing, and that’s how sales/readership works, but if the spark isn’t there…

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