My fellow writer and friend, Karen Lenfestey, just put up her latest book, BITTERSWEET HOPE.  It’s the final book in her Bittersweet trilogy, and for this week, she’s offering the first book, 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW for free on Amazon, and BITTERSWEET HOPE is only 99 cents.  So, if you’re so inclined, you could buy the entire trilogy for only $3.98.

I have to say that BITTERSWEET HOPE is my favorite book she’s written so far.  I got to beta read it.  I’ve read all of her books, but I flew through this one.  The two sisters, Claire and Hope, finally find the happy-ever-afters they SO deserve.  Of course, being women’s fiction and a Karen Lenfestey novel, they have to jump through more than their fair share of hoops to get there.  And this time, one of those hurdles is a disturbed young stalker.  The scenes inside this girl’s mind paint a fascinating journey that spirals out of control.  The rationalization for her acts builds more and more tension until the final scene.  And the ending was perfect (in my opinion).

Anyway, if you like women’s fiction, you might want to check out her book or the entire series.


Here’s the link for her webpage if you want to check out the entire trilogy or more of her books:

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