Hitting it Hard

My second Jazzi Zanders mystery comes out next Tuesday, April 23, and Kensington has been ON IT with the publicity and promotion.  When I published my six Mill Pond romances, they didn’t get much love, and I watched them sink lower and lower in sales and rankings every day.  It was sad and frustrating.  But Kensington restructured their publicity teams, and right now, I’m ecstatic with the pushes they’re giving my mysteries.  They even paid to put The Body in the Attic (Jazzi 1) on BookBub.

They’ve signed me up for a blog tour that starts on book two’s book birthday–April 23 and runs through May 2nd.  I love blog tours.  It’s a great way to meet readers and get feedback.  Bless book bloggers.  They do a lot of work and put in a lot of time to promote authors.  On the flip side, it takes a decent amount of work and time to get ready for a tour.  I lost count of how many 300 word blogs I’ve written, how many character interviews I’ve done, and how many Q & As.  Once the blog goes live, I try to visit every host who’s volunteered to support my book–sometimes up to three a day, and if someone comments on the blog, I try to respond.  This time, my publicist added something new.  I’m going to do an author chat from one to two p.m. on April 29 on Kensington’s Between the Chapters Facebook page.  That one makes me a little nervous.  I’ve never done one before, but I guess it’s time.

I mentioned before that I use canva.com to make twitter headers and twitter posts, as well as Facebook headers, to promote books.  I’ve done that for The Body in the Wetlands, too.  I started a countdown of days until the book goes up for sale and created a new twitter post with an image and a short blurb for each day.  I made a different twitter header for each month for the last six months.

I still don’t do everything Debbie Macomber suggested on her post for BookBub, but I do more than I used to.  I’ve shared her post here before, but in case it slipped past you, here it is again.  https://insights.bookbub.com/book-launch-checklist-marketing-timeline-traditionally-published-authors/?utm_source=guest-debbie-macomber&utm_medium=email.  And before I leave this week, I want to share one of the posts I created on canva for twitter.  And happy writing!  Have a wonderful Easter.The Body in the Wetlands, twitter 6

11 thoughts on “Hitting it Hard

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I finished reading your book Justin Was A Terror and put up reviews on goodreads and Bookbub. I so love your writing! I’d put up a review on Amazon, but they always take my reviews down if I know the author at all. They’ve taken down so many, I’ve quit writing them for Amazon.


    1. You’ve been dragging the last few months just trying to get everything done. But I do think the headers and posts make a difference. Will you be home for Easter or on the road?


  1. I love that cute post with George. How adorable!
    Wow, you are crazy busy. What a great splash Book 2 is going to receive. I can’t wait to read it.

    And I really need to get on the ball with changing my Twitter header. It makes sense. Ack! I need to sit down and devote time to creation.

    Wishing you a happy tour and a happy Faebook chat. You’ll do awesome!

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  2. Thanks, Mae. Your twitter headers are always stunning. So are your twitter posts. I do think changing mine has caught peoples’ eyes. When the header’s always the same, you get used to it and don’t pay attention.


  3. Ah, Judy- You certainly deserve every success you’ve earned! I’m always inspired by how you press on – and express your creativity with all these different genres! Sorry I don’t visit more often but I’m gonna try!
    Hugs from Vermont!

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  4. I’m an empty nester now. I have more time to press on. I used to write around everything, like you do. I’m glad you’re still working on your Irish story. Someday, I’ll be able to buy it:)


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