My Inspirations by Judi Lynn

I didn’t write a regular blog post this week because I’ve been doing a blog tour for The Body in the Wetlands, and I’m just about idea’d out. (I know. Not a real word:) On top of the tour, my cousin ended up in the hospital for a short stay, so we’ve been trying to see her or take my sister up to see her once a day. So my Thursday blog fell through the cracks. To redeem myself, I thought I’d share this. It’s something I shared on Kensington’s Between the Chapters for their HobbyReads. I couldn’t get more support from friends and family for my writing. I’m pretty darned lucky:)

My friends and family know that I’m a writer, and they know how much I love mysteries.  We’ve taken a small bedroom at the back of our house and turned it into an office for me, and we lined it with bookshelves.  The shelves aren’t just crammed with books, but I showcase some of the wonderful gifts I’ve been given that tie into my writing, too.

I love Agatha Christie, so my husband bought me a clever teapot that looks like a writer’s desk.  The piece of paper in the typewriter has words “typed” on it from one of Christie’s novels.  The pages tossed in the wastebasket are filled with her words, too.  A handgun lies on manuscript pages.  Here’s what it looks like:

My sisters bought me a typewriter, too, with little mice scampering across the keys.

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8 thoughts on “My Inspirations by Judi Lynn

  1. Praying your cousin recovers.
    Blog tours are fun but draining. I’m currently a little over 50% through your latest and enjoying it, I love your characters, Review coming soon.
    Off to check out your Kensington post now!

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  2. Jenny has cerebral palsy, and her balance isn’t good when she’s at her best:) They got all of her numbers where they’re supposed to be at the hospital but sent her to a rehab clinic for a week or two to learn safer ways to turn, etc. But she’s going to be fine. Thanks for your prayers. Did you finish the synopsis for your new book? Are you writing it or getting your ideas how you want them before you start putting words on paper? You have the third book done in the Cusp of Night series, so is this going to be a new series? LOL. I’ll stop asking questions now:)

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    1. So glad to hear Jenny is doing better! I’m sorry I’m late in replying to this. I’ve actually been putting my synopsis together and have been completely scattered. I did send everything off, so fingers crossed as I wait for a reply. And yes, this will be a new series (or a new book) depending on how they want me to spin it if accepted.

      P.S…finished Body in the Wetlands last night and loved. Post reviews on all the usual places 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been reading your comments about the synopsis. Isn’t it odd how some books fall into place and others make you pull your hair out? Whatever you do works, though. Your books are some of my favorites!

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  3. I love the collection, Judi. The teapot is awesome, the mice on the typewriter are adorable, and the poison bottles are great. I have “things” interspersed among my bookshelves, too, and that makes them that much more interesting to me.

    Offering prayers for your cousin.

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