Shameless Promotion

I’ve been yacking about my supernatural mysteries for a while now.  So I’m excited to announce that Mixing It Up with Mortals, Muddy River Mystery Two, is finally available on Amazon.  And I love the cover Michael Prete designed for me.  Hope you like it, too.

muddy river 2 cover

When Raven Black, fire demon and Muddy River’s enforcer, moved in with Hester Wand, the lead witch of the town’s coven, who also teaches at her school for magic, he pictured them spending lots of quality time together.  But his job keeps him busy, and her job ensures lots of people pop in and out of their home.  So, to surprise her, he buys lake property for weekend getaways.  When he drives her to inspect their retreat, though, suprise turns to shock when they find two dead bodies in the visitors’ cabins at the far end of the lake.  Even worse, the victims are mortals.  Raven can’t just dispose of them. He feels compelled to let loved ones know that the young man and woman died, even though he can’t reveal how that happened.  They were both drained, instantly mummified.  He learns that a sheriff in a nearby town is working on another case that’s similar, so he and Brown join forces to find the killer.  And that’s when things get interesting…and deadly.

6 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion

  1. Thanks, Mae! I hope you like it. I’m trying to squeeze in one more Muddy River before I get serious and start working on Jazzi again. Those books take a lot longer to write. Hope your book’s coming along now. I know you’ve wrestled with this one.


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