It’s Up!

I just wanted to share that my third paranormal mystery, Mixing It Up With Mortals, went live on Amazon today.  Yay!

Raven and Hester are asked to find out what happened to a new, start-up supernatural settlement.  All of the parents are dead, their bodies covered with puncture marks.  All of the children are missing.  Where are they?  With Murlyn, a warlock who practices black magic involved, the stakes are high.  They have to find the children.  And fast.

Cover for All the Missing Children


11 thoughts on “It’s Up!

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this one. I just bought my copy and look forward to revisiting the folks of Muddy River. I’m a little over halfway through the last Meg book and Muddy River will be next.
    Happy release day!

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    1. Thanks, Craig. I appreciate that. I’ve just sort of slapped this one up, though, and haven’t spent much time on promotion. Glad you’re already gearing up for when your new book comes out. Let me know if I can help spread the word for you.

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