Why I Don’t Write a Newsletter

I’ve read over and over again that the best way for a writer to connect with readers and find a kazillion fans is to write a newsletter.  I even started one once, and a few people signed up for it.  But what the heck do you say that’s even halfway interesting that I haven’t already posted in my blogs or on twitter?

The truth is, I’m a pretty boring person.  It’s even hard to make myself sound interesting for a clever bio.  When I started high school, eons ago, I got the brilliant idea of keeping a journal.  But almost every day of my life was like the one before it.  I went to school.  I came home.  I ate supper.  I did homework.  I watched TV with my mom and dad and sisters.  I wrote entries like “Lots of homework tonight, took me two hours to finish it.”  “Loved Latin class today.  We’re studying The Odyssey.”  “Barb B got a new haircut, and I like it.”  Exciting stuff.  So I started making things up.  “Our school bus driver decided to kidnap all of us this morning, and instead of taking us to school, she took us out in the country and gave us each a pocketknife and told us to look for moss on the north side of trees and find our way home.”  Lots more fun.  (Maybe I should have suspected I’d be a writer someday then, but it didn’t occur to me).

My life isn’t much more exciting now.  My characters have all the fun.  I plop my fanny in a chair and write about them.  My hobbies aren’t exactly exciting either.  I love to cook.  I garden (badly).  I love having friends over for supper, and I read almost every night before bed.  Yawn.  Okay, all of those are interesting when I hook up with someone who’s as passionate about them as I am.  But newsworthy?  Not exactly.

So my blog ends up being full of whatever I happen to be thinking about that particular week.  And lots of writing stuff, because …well…I’m a writer.  And sometimes, I talk about marketing because…again…I’d like to sell some of my books.  I even include snippets each week and some short stories when I get inspired to share what I’m working on.  BUT I haven’t tried to be your personal friend…yet.  And you should be thank me for that.  Because I read Anne R. Allen’s blog post this week, and it cracked me up.  At the same time, I lit incense and said thank you prayers that this hasn’t happened to me yet.  So, I think I’ll just stick with my blogs and twitter…and leave you in peace.  You’re welcome:)  And happy writing!



12 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Write a Newsletter

  1. You make sense! Looking back over diaries I kept in school, my activities were much like yours. Good blog about why it’s better to write a book than write a newsletter! Allen’s comments about relationship with readers was spot on too. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. That much disapproval? I know newsletters are the new, big thing but I didn’t realize you’d get that much grief over not writing one. Every writer has to do what’s right for him/her, though.

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