Grab Your Security Blanket

If you like horror or creepy, I have good news!  My super wonderful writer friend and fellow Scribe member read us her short story FRECKLES a while ago, and we’re all so happy for her!  It’s in the anthology BLOOD RED NOSE that came out TODAY, on Friday 13.  Appropriate, right?  Kathy’s stories are emotional and immediate.  If you know anyone who’s afraid of clowns, this anthology flips it and asks, What are clowns afraid of?

Here’s the info to find it on Amazon:

4 thoughts on “Grab Your Security Blanket

  1. Wow, that cover is so freaking creepy. And yes, clowns give me goosebumps the size of grapefruits. It is not a pretty picture, LOL.

    Congratulations to your friend, I’m headed to Amazon to check the book out now!

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