My birthday’s actually at the end of September, but according to the zodiac my birthday month is September 23 to Oct. 22.  So October is a special month for me.  Every year, when I reach it, I feel more energized, like I’m starting a new year.

Also, October is the month in Indiana when the leaves change color and the air grows nippier.  And at the end of the month, there’s Halloween.  I’ve always liked fairytales, paranormal, and supernatural.  And All Hallow’s Eve is when the veil between our world and the spirit realm thins.  Witches celebrate Samhain and put out a saucer of milk for Cat Sith.

Cat Sith inspired me to write a short story for Muddy River.  No horror or ghosts or goblins.  It’s how the supernaturals in Muddy River celebrate the holiday.  You can find it on the Muddy River Snippets page here: https://writingmusings.com/snippets-page/.  

And today, for the Thursday Snippet, I put up a Halloween story for Jazzi and Ansel.  The body on their front stoop isn’t a stuffed dummy.  It’s real.  https://writingmusings.com/the-body-in-the-lake-a-jazzi-short-story/.

Another reason for me to celebrate lately is that I finally finished the plot points for Muddy River Four.  I’m often tempted by the desire to just wing it and see what happens, but it never works for me.  It always costs me more time and effort than if I make myself pound out ideas for chapters so I can see the cause and effect that take me to a book’s end.  When I write willy-nilly, letting my characters lead me, I run amok.  My characters must not be trustworthy.  Not sure what that says about me:)

Anyway, I’m going to try to pound out a Muddy River by the end of November, because my next Jazzi mystery is due on May 4th, and I’ve learned the hard way that I don’t get as much writing time in December as I usually do, so I’ll rub my hands together and plot out Jazzi 6 in-between holiday things.  I mean, it’s more important to see friends and family and have fun:)  Once January hits, I can hibernate and hit the keys every week day to make my Jazzi deadline.

At least, that’s the plan.  For now.   But you know how Life goes.  The best laid plans and all that….

So, I’m wishing you an awesome October, and happy writing!


17 thoughts on “October

  1. Not looking forward to winter but it does keep us inside and meeting writing goals. Fall also means lots of new movies. Not all good, but lots to chose from. (I don’t care that I ended that with a preposition. Sometimes it works best.)

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  2. I’m on a forced break right now. There are a lot of reasons, but it’s time for promo and that has to be my focus. I have one more I’d like to release by the end of the year, so word count is not my goal right now. October is my favorite month, and it appears a lot of authors feel that way, too.

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    1. You’ve been hitting the promotion hard. That takes a lot of time and effort. Good luck! And is the Serang story next up? PLEASE let me help you promote that one. I loved Serang in Lanternfish.

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  3. I’m going to have to catch up with your short stories. I’m reading the Body in the Gravel right now and am around the 70% mark. I think this is your best one yet. I’ll probably finish it tonight.

    Happy birthday month and happy writing!

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    1. Thanks for reading Jazzi. And I’m glad you like this one. I still get jittery every time a new book comes out. When is your short story anthology due out? And I’m really looking forward to your mystery. You do characters so well, it’s high on my to read list.

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      1. Aww, thanks, Judi. I hope to have the anthology out early spring. It’s mostly done. I just need to do a final edit and then work on a cover. Eventide is the next release, the final Hode’s Hill scheduled for 12/31/19. I thought I’d wait until after that to release the short stories. So glad to hear you’re looking forward to it!

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    1. Well, it was supposed to be next month, but due to several unforeseen circumstances, we had to adjust the calendar. It’s now coming out in January. The good news is the rest of the series is right behind it, so you won’t have to wait long for 3, 4, and 5 once 2 is dropped. 🙂

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    1. My publisher is leaning toward a rapid-release schedule for all their writers. It does make the wait between books more tolerable. And (God willing), I’ll have a lot for you to read in 2020! Thanks for your interest, Judi.

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