Just wanted to let you know that I made MIXING IT UP WITH MORTALS free from Oct. 28-Nov. 1.  

I’m starting a new type of mystery series, and I’m excited about it, but I still have a few ideas for Raven and Hester that I meant to squash, but they keep bubbling around inside my head, so I’ll probably have to sneak them into my writing off and on.   In the meantime, in this story, Raven and Hester are trying to find a rogue incubus who works as a hitman for mortals.  If you haven’t tried it, it makes for a great Halloween story:)

Muddy River Mysteries--general twitter post


9 thoughts on “Free

  1. Wishing you a ton of downloads and new fans for Hester and Raven. I’m glad to hear you’re not completely done with them. I’m also super excited about your new mystery series. Can’t wait!!

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