Time’s Running Out

I’m beginning to sympathize with the people who did NaNoWriMo in November.  They had a short amount of time to write a whole lot of words.  When I decided to try to write two books at the same time, I thought I had plenty of time to finish them before January.  And I would have, if everything had gone according to plan.  I know, I know.  How many times does that happen?  How many times do the best laid of plans of …well, you know.

I had both the Muddy River book–TATTOOS AND PORTENTS–and the contemporary mystery novel–OLD FRIENDS, NEW HABITS–plotted out.  I’d work on Muddy River in the morning, take a break to look at e-mails and twitter, etc. and eat lunch, then work on the Lux mystery in the afternoon.  And honestly, I was making great progress.  Until I had to stop to write plot points for my sixth Jazzi Zanders book.  The book isn’t due until May 4th, and I’ve never had to send in plot points way ahead before.  But there’s a funny little thing called a contract, and it listed Dec. 15th as the deadline for my cozy mystery outline.  Not sure why.  Maybe my publisher wanted to remind me that I had a book to write.  But it is, what it is.  So I had to put on my writing brakes and pound out plot points.  I need enough suspects, twists and turns, and clues to keep things interesting, and they took longer to figure out than I’d expected.   By the time I sent them, I’d lost almost two weeks.  Those two weeks pretty much doomed me.

I’m not sure that I can work on Jazzi, then if I get my pages done for the day, work on one of my other books.  The problem?  I get hopelessly messed up if I try to switch back and forth between first person and third.  And believe me, when that happens, you notice.

My daughter who’s a nurse in Indy and my grandson and his wife who live in Indy are all coming up to celebrate a late Christmas with us this weekend.  Cheers and happy dance!  We get to exchange presents and have the big, holiday meal.  By the time they leave on Sunday, though, there’s not a whole of December left.  Even if I took coffee intravenously and didn’t sleep at all, I wouldn’t have enough time to finish both books.  So, I’m playing with options.

Maybe I could write on Jazzi during the week and work on Muddy River or Lux on the weekends.  My husband would still remember who I was, wouldn’t he?  Or maybe I could write on Jazzi during the day, take a LONG break, and then work on one of my other books for an hour or two in the evening.  HH likes basketball this time of year:)

I’m guessing it’s obvious by now that I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  But I’ll think of something.  I always (okay, usually) do.  I’m too close to The End to give up now.  Light candles for me.  Send me happy thoughts.   And whatever you’re working on now, best of luck!


8 thoughts on “Time’s Running Out

  1. I don’t know how you do it! I can’t imagine juggling two books at the same time, let alone three. And yet I know you always come through, so I’m sure you’ll make all of this work. I do, however, think it would be hard bouncing from third person to first. You’re a champion for tackling that!

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  2. The bouncing from first to third is what worries me. I actually like Craig’s idea of writing two 1st person books at the same time, though. When I get tired of one book, I can flip the other one.


  3. Does the side story involve Serang? I’d love to read more of her. I know she’ll be in the next Lanternfish, but she’s not the star. P.S. I used your idea about finding images from Pinterest for your books, too. Since Jazzi does fixer-uppers, I’m saving up kitchens, living rooms, and houses, etc. for ideas.


  4. I’m glad your family is coming from Indy to visit you (waves from Indy). While I don’t have a publisher or an agent, I have heard about some interesting bits of requirements for subsequent books in contracts. You can do it. You’ve made significant progress so far, and I commend you for juggling three projects at once during the holidays.

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  5. Thanks, Sarah! I haven’t given up, but I have to spend most of my time working on the 6th Jazzi book, so it’s going to take me longer to finish the two I was working on than I’d expected. It’s going to be interesting to see how everything works out:) And good luck with your writing!


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