Wednesday’s Shameless Plug

My fourth Jazzi Zanders cozy mystery is available for pre-order now and is due out March 17, two days after the Ides of March, so you don’t have to beware:)

It’s also available from NetGalley for review right now.  And you can win two POD copies of it on a Goodreads giveaway if you enter fast enough.

In this story, Ansel and Jazzi are helping his brother, Radley, move into his first apartment in the same building where his work supervisor lives.  Radley and Donovan are friends who often get together on Saturday nights to play poker.  While they’re loading more of Radley’s things into their van to take to his apartment, Ansel’s oldest brother, Bain, comes to tell Radley he has to come back to Wisconsin to work on their family’s dairy farm.  Tempers flare, and Bain goes to the apartment with them to continue arguing with Radley.  When Donovan supports Radley’s decision to stay, Bain blows up at him before storming out of the building.  A short time later, Donovan returns to his own apartment, and then a gun shot is heard.  When Ansel and Jazzi run to the second floor, they watch Donovan stagger into the hallway, blood saturating his shirt.  Bain is the main suspect in the shooting, and as before, Jazzi joins detective Gaff to try to prove Bain’s innocence.

TheBodyInTheApartment_ COVER



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