Snippet Friday

My last Muddy River mystery came out, and I really haven’t done much with it.  I tried to get it on BookBub, but none of the Muddy River novels have enough reviews, so they didn’t take it.  I didn’t want to pay for the usual ads I use, so I just sort of stalled out, because marketing takes time, and I needed to write pages for my sixth Jazzi Zander mystery.  But I’m feeling a little guilty about almost completely ignoring it, so I thought I’d post the beginning of it today so it would feel a little love:

Snow blanketed Muddy River. Raven was working from home today. As our town’s enforcer, December was a slow month for him. Paranormal, local crime didn’t pick up near holidays, and wandering rogues weren’t attracted to such a remote area of Indiana during the cold seasons. I, on the other hand, had to hold the interest of restless students who were more interested in sugar plums and presents than learning a new spell.

Claws and I decided to trek across the street and down the long drive that led to my witches’ school rather than drive. Strike’s sister, Odifa, who’d begun co-teaching with me, would be at Muddy River’s public school this entire month, teaching her type of magic to the young Faes who attended there. Since she and her husband had settled near Amulet Avenue, a small enclave of fellow Faes, she’d learned that young Faes’ training was sadly lacking.

As I left the house, Raven gave me a long, lingering kiss that would keep me warmer than my long, black skirt and knee-high boots, but then my fire demon was always a hot commodity. To teach, I always wore a flowing, black skirt, boots, and a snug, black T-shirt. I thought it gave the mind set I wanted the students to feel. Raven thought it was sexy, but he’s a fire demon, and you know how demons are. They radiate sex.

This sounds sexy, but it’s pretty much a cozy, so nothing explicit, and soon Hester and Raven get caught up in a mystery and have to stop a voodoo priest from building an army of undead.

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