Happy Book Birthday to THE BODY IN THE APARTMENT!

Sorry.  I can’t help it.  It’s too exciting when one of my books finally comes out.  So I have to share that The Body in the Apartment is officially on sale today.  Hooray and Happy Dance!  And for the first time ever, the audible for the book came out on the same day as the ebook.  A first for me.  On top of that, I’m getting good reviews.  I might float all day.

THE-BODY-IN-THE-APARTMENT-1--(can share AFTER it comes out in March)


Here’s the cover for the audiobook.  Pretty cool, huh?

The-Body-in-the-apartment_--audio cover

Thanks for sharing in my celebration.  And hope you have a happy, wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

10 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday to THE BODY IN THE APARTMENT!

  1. Woohoo! Doing a happy dance for you. My copy downloaded to my Kindle this morning. I’m finishing up my current read, then looking forward to diving into your latest.

    I LOVE the audio book cover. That is so cool and a great complement to the ebook and print books.

    Happy book birthday and congratulations!

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