More TV, No Reading

My grandson’s on leave, and he stayed with us all last week.  Awesome!  This week, he’s staying in Indy to see his mom and his brother and his wife.  We’ll probably drive down to see him one more time before he flies back to California, but we sure loved seeing him while it was our turn.

Reading is pretty much a solitary endeavor, so I didn’t do any of it while he was here.  He’s not a voracious reader, even though he still manages now and then.  Like HH, he likes nonfiction more than fiction.  But during his stay, since TV and movies are more social, that’s what we did in the evenings.  He brought most of the shows on his laptop for us to watch, but on Thursday, we waffled about what to try, and I talked him into watching Ford vs. Ferrari.  He and HH weren’t sure they could trust me (I’ve talked them into one English mystery too many), but they got even more into the movie than I did–and I really enjoyed it.

I’m not a car person, and I usually have to make myself sit through movies about racing, but the characters in the movie were so well done–and the small mindedness and pettiness of the Ford executives so irritating–that the tension between men who love cars and men who focus on selling them to climb the corporate ladder drew me in.  Wonderful acting.  Wonderful story.

HH and I, somehow, have gotten out of the habit of watching movies.  I didn’t realize how much I miss them until Nate’s visit.  HH and I have made a pinkie pledge to start renting one every weekend–IF there’s one that looks good.  But we’re so far behind, if every new movie is a bust, we have hundreds of old ones we missed.  At least, that’s our intention.  For now.  But you know how life goes.  Pretty soon, it will be warm outside, and we’ll sit on our favorite couches later than usual.  So it might be easy to slip into plop fanny on sofa and read mode.  We’ll see.

Hope you find the time to read a good book, watch a good movie, or write a great scene.  So, for now, happy writing!

5 thoughts on “More TV, No Reading

  1. I loved F vs F and will be buying Knives Out, even though I saw it twice in the theater. Glad I got to see Emma before the theaters closed down. There are scads of films out there to rent or buy. Have you seen The Vikings yet, the old one with K. Douglas & T. Curtis? It’s on Netflix or Prime?

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    1. I saw The Vikings so long ago, I don’t remember much of it. Mostly K. Douglas’s deep chin dimple:) I loved Knives Out, too. Can watch it over and over again.


  2. I’ve heard only good things about Ford vs. Ferrari. Hubby and I often try to watch a movie on the weekends, but it doesn’t always happened.

    I finally saw Knives Out and loved it. Even DH was on board. I’m so glad they’re making another!

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