Since each of my Muddy River books is on sale for 99 cents, I thought I’d try to tempt you with Book Two this week.  Raven has a surprise for Hester:

Where was the man taking me? We hadn’t even packed any food, and I’d learned from experience that my demon loves his luxuries. I shook my head. I could guess all I wanted, but it wouldn’t do any good. I settled back to enjoy the ride.

Indiana in summer stretched out like a lush landscape of verdant green. The miles flew by, the music relaxed me, and we were turning onto a narrow dirt drive before I realized it. I sat up to concentrate more on my surroundings. Lots of trees.   Wherever we were going was private and secluded. And then I saw it.

A small, pristine lake sparkled in front of us with a large log cabin situated at the end of the lane. The dirt road curved to follow the lake’s shores, and a dozen tiny cabins clustered at its far tip. No cars were parked in any of the driveways.

“Did you rent the entire thing?”

His grin tilted, cocky. “I bought it. I thought it would be fun to be able to get away from Muddy River once in a while, to take short mini-vacations.”

“And the cabins at the end?”

“Your coven might want a weekend gathering spot once in a while, maybe come here to celebrate each solstice. And we could let friends use them, even if we’re not here. But the big cabin’s just for us, our private sanctuary.”

Excitement buzzed through me. I loved Muddy River, but sometimes, it felt like living in a goldfish bowl. Everyone knew our business. He parked at the cabin, and I threw my arms around him. “You’re brilliant.”

But it turns into a shock:

Claws growled, and I returned my attention to him. He stalked off toward the end of the lake where the small cabins were clustered.

Raven’s lips pressed into a tight line. “Your cat’s too upset. I have a bad feeling about this.”

So did I.

He led us to the last cabin in the group and Raven scowled at its open door. “I didn’t leave this unlocked.”

My stomach knotted. I wasn’t sure I wanted to look inside, but Raven pushed the door wider and we both stared at a man and a woman lying on the floor, their skin stretched tight over their skeletal bones. Every ounce of blood or life force had been sucked out of them.

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