Agatha Raisin

I’m a fan of M.C. Beaton’s Hamish Macbeth mysteries.  Having a laidback constable who’s happy doing his job and staying where he is, with no pretentions of ambition, even though he’s devilishly clever and always solves a case, is a novel twist.  People often underestimate him, and that  works to his advantage.  It’s refreshing to read about someone who’s perfectly satisfied with his life.  At least, so far.  I’m way behind in the series.

M.C. Beaton also writes the Agatha Raisin mystery series, which can now be seen on Acorn TV.  Way back, when the early books first came out, I bought a couple and tried them.  And Agatha annoyed me so much, I couldn’t make myself read another one of them.  I went right back to my clever, amiable Hamish.  But recently a funny thing’s happened.  I ran out of shows in the Shakespeare and Hathaway series I enjoyed so much.  Ditto for the series Rosemary and Thyme.  The Queens of Mystery was even shorter with its witty narrator and sly humor.  I enjoy Longmire, but HH and I only watch one or two of those shows a week.  So we tried Bosch, but that show’s so depressing, we’re going to finish the first series and swear off it.  That led us to try Agatha Raisin on TV.  And we really enjoy it.

I was younger when I first tried Agatha.  I’m not sure if my sense of humor has changed, or if the TV shows appeal more to me than the books would.  And for me, it doesn’t matter.  I think I’ve found a good balance, watching Agatha and reading Hamish.  It lets me enjoy both sides of M.C. Beaton.

What about you?  Have you read M.C. Beaton?  Do you enjoy Agatha and Hamish, or do you prefer one over the other?


4 thoughts on “Agatha Raisin

  1. My husband and I used to read the Agatha Raisin novels to each other. It started back when MC Beaton was guest of honor at Magna cum Murder one year. We read some of the Hamish novels too, but we grew tired of his pining for Priscilla and didn’t stick with that series as long as we did with Agatha. After a time we got tired of James Lacey as well so we took a break from the series and haven’t gotten back to it. We have LOVED the Agatha Raisin shows on Acorn. They aren’t exactly like the books but they capture the spirit of it all. We haven’t watched the Hamish Macbeth series that was done years ago because MC Beaton talked about how much she HATED it when she was at Magna. From what I’ve gathered from social media, she was happy with the way the Agatha series turned out, at least what was done prior to her death.
    We loved Queens of Mystery too and I really hope Acorn will produce another series of it. We also loved the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries series though the movie that just released on Acorn was a big disappointment for us.

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  2. I like Miss Fisher, but my husband doesn’t, so I don’t watch as many of those. He did watch a mysteries series that was only a few shows with Diana Rigg. We both like her droll tone and humor. I wish I’d have heard M.C. Beaton when she was at Magna cum Murder. That would have been a treat.

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  3. Really liked Miss Fisher even though the plots were simplistic. Couldn’t get into the Agatha Raisin series. Loved Bosch and the PBS Grantchester series but the books didn’t hold my interest. There is a limited series called Arthur and George with Martin Clunes that is really creepy and beautifully done. If you’re into travel, his (Clunes) travelogues are wonderful. His newest about the islands around the US has some gorgeous scenery and full of delicious history.

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  4. We’re struggling with Bosch. We have two more shows to finish season one, but that’s probably all we’ll watch. I didn’t think you liked creepy. I do, but John’s not as big a fan. He hung in there for Carnival Row, though, and even The Witcher.


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