Cover Reveal

My fifth Jazzi Zanders mystery, THE BODY FROM THE PAST, is now available for reviewers on NetGalley:

The awesome thing, though, is that NetGalley shows the cover.  And this cover is so much fun!  The book comes out late September, and my editor asked me to set the story in that time frame, too, with a nod to Halloween at the end of the book.  So Jazzi and Ansel are throwing a Sunday family get-together, Halloween costume party.  And Ansel’s pug, George, gets dressed as a devil.  My daughter, Robyn, and her husband had a pug, Bill, and we called him our “furry grandson.”  George is fashioned from Bill, who loved to steal the last sips of beer from bottles on the floor at parties.  He was the most mellow dog I’ve ever met.  And he loved to go for walks…until he got tired, and Scott would have to carry him home:)  So, accordingly, George is the star on this cover.  Hope you like it as much as I do.




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