Jazzi & Ansel

In THE BODY FROM THE PAST, available on NetGalley and due out in September, https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/191452   Jazzi finds a girl’s treasure chest when she, Ansel, and Jerod are clearing a house to fix up.  The girl died shortly before high school graduation.  Jerod calls her family but they don’t want it.  Jazzi doesn’t feel right, throwing away all of Jessica’s memories, so she wants to take the chest home to look through it.  Ansel’s not so thrilled about that, and here’s why:

Ansel closeup


Ansel pinched off a small bite of his sandwich to share with George, who’d come to beg. “I don’t want to get involved in whatever happened. It couldn’t have been good if the family had to run from it.”

“I can’t throw away her treasure chest.” Jazzi raised her chin, digging in. “I’m taking it home with us and looking through it.”

Ansel closed his eyes and counted to ten. “And what if someone murdered her? What then?”

“They’re probably in prison, and I won’t visit them.”

He sighed. “And you’ll leave it alone? Even if the case wasn’t solved?”

“I don’t know Jessica. I’ll feel sorry for her, but we’re not involved with her past. It’s not as if it’s one of our friends or family.”

His shoulders relaxed and he fed George another pinch of food. “I’m going to hold you to that.”

“Fine. But it will drive me nuts if I don’t dig around inside that chest.”

He nodded, and Jerod shook his head. “I was a witness to this whole conversation. Ansel can use me as backup, cuz.”

“First of all, you’re my cousin, and I’m the one who cooks for you. But if you want to be like that, you two can be bosom buddies and do your thing.”

Jerod rolled his eyes. “I’m not choosing Ansel over you. But the man has a point. You don’t need to get involved in every murder that falls into your lap.”

Pressing her lips tight, she raised an eyebrow at him. “Fine.”

“When women say fine, it’s always a red flag.” Jerod stood to throw away his paper plate. “If it comes to sticking up for you, Ansel, or choosing Jazzi’s minestrone soup, she wins.”

Ansel let out a puff of aggravation.

4 thoughts on “Jazzi & Ansel

  1. That was a great excerpt. I loved the banter at the end!
    September seems so far away right now, but I am looking forward to the release. If I can help in any way with promotion, please let me know. I’d love to host you for the release and/or pre-order.

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