Mystery Musings

I read a twitter post that made me happy.  Lynn Cahoon is coming out with a new series, The Kitchen Witch.  I’m a fan of her Tourist Trap mysteries.  Add a witch to her whodunnits, and I’m in.  I have a soft spot for nice witches and magic.

Way, way back when I wrote urban fantasies as Judith Post, I wrote a lot of Babet & Prosper short reads.  Babet was a witch, and Prosper was a bear shifter and a detective for supernatural crimes.  They lived in a city with a feel a bit like New Orleans.  I wrote them mostly for fun, like I write Muddy River now as Judi Lynn.  When I signed with Kensington to write romances, though, I left all of my urban fantasy behind.

After I wrote six Mill Pond romances, my editor let me try writing a cozy mystery, and that’s how the Jazzi Zanders mysteries came to be.  But I missed the world of magic, and I noticed there were a lot of witch and wizard mysteries making their way onto Amazon.  I bought and enjoyed quite a few of them–witches who worked in chocolate shops, in bakeries, in small towns.  A lot of them had art for covers instead of models.  Paintings of witches with black, pointy hats and black dresses.  A lot of them were fun, light-hearted mysteries, and I enjoy them.

That’s not what I wrote when I started Muddy River, though.  And that’s probably a marketing mistake, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to write humor.  I used it in my first romance–COOKING UP TROUBLE, because I didn’t have much confidence that I could write romance either:)  I’m still not sure either is my strong point.  Mae Clair, who wrote the Hode’s Hill suspense series that I love, turned to humor for her short read, IN SEARCH OF McDOOGLE, and she nailed it.  McDoogle was the perfect read for the end of a long, tiring day.

I like humor.  Sometimes, I’m even funny.  I’m just not a natural at it.  But I’ve noticed that it works really well with good witches.  And when Lynn Cahoon’s book comes out late August, I’m looking forward to see what her witch is up to.


7 thoughts on “Mystery Musings

  1. You know I’m a huge fan of your urban fantasy work. Then again, I’m a huge fan of your cozy series, too.

    I guess I’m saying you can write across genres with ease. I’m certain if you tried humor, you’d master it.

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  2. I bet if you tried humor you’d manage it, but you also have to write what makes you happy. Thanks for the shout-out on McDoogal. I don’t think I could write comedic works as a matter of routine, but every now and then it’s fun to be silly. McDoogal was mostly an experiment for me, and should I continue with those characters, I’m not sure all of them would fall into the same vein. Sometimes it’s just a matter of sprinkling humor in a larger work.

    By the way, I read Bounty Hunted last night. I really enjoyed being back with the gang in Muddy River again!

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  3. Thanks, Mae. I needed a little Muddy River break. Now I’m ready to tackle another mystery. It’s nice to change it up between books. I think you have the perfect balance for humor when you need a short break from suspense.


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