Just For Fun

Yesterday, I started working on my second Lux Mystery.  The first one is still on my agent’s desk, working its way to the top before I get any feedback from her.  It’s a straight mystery, and I don’t know if she’ll be interested in it or not.  But I’ve already delivered the 6th book to fulfill my Jazzi Zanders contract for Kensington, so I have some time to play, and I want to write another Lux.  So I am:)  I already plotted the entire book out.  Now I get to try to bring those plot points to life.

That means my head will be shifting gears, leaving Muddy River and witches and warlocks behind.  Before I leave them entirely, though, I thought I’d explain why I like urban fantasies so much…but not in a very serious discussion.  Why does UF appeal to me?

  1.  UF heroines are kick-ass.  They make great friends, wonderful allies, and deadly enemies.
  2.  There’s magic.  Who doesn’t like magic?
  3.   The plots are good vs. bad.  I always know who to root for:)
  4.   There are battles, then more battles, that lead to a final, BIG battle.  (I like battles).
  5.   The guy love interests are powerful and sexy.  They come with different magicks.  And they all sound scrumptious.  So…which would you prefer?

A.  Vampires can glamour you and make your pulse race…before they bite you.

B.  A fire demon (like Raven) can bring the heat.

C.  A shifter (any variety) has animal magnetism…before he becomes one.

D.  A phoenix keeps things fresh, especially after he bursts into flames & starts over.

E.  An incubus can take your breath away…all of it.

F.  A warlock is magical.

G.  Voodoo can lift your spirit…and call it back.

Muddy River has them all, and they mix and mingle.  And they all play well together.  For a few months (or more), they’ll get to enjoy some down time while I focus on mysteries, but after I finish Lux, I’ll pop back in on their happy settlement to stir up some trouble and toss them into another supernatural mess.  I bet they won’t miss me while I’m gone:)

In the meantime, I hope all of you have a wonderful three day weekend, and Happy Memorial Day.

6 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. You’re stopping Jazzi at six? But… Ansel. I need a regular fix.

    I haven’t even begun Muddy River yet. I’m so behind. Looking forward to it, though. And it sounds like you’re really passionate about Lux. Wishing you much luck!

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  2. LOL. I love Ansel, too. I just turned in Jazzi number six to Kensington, though. It might take a long time to find out if I have another contract or not. The Body in the Beauty Shop doesn’t come out until Sept. 2021, so they might wait to see how it does. I never know. I have lots of ideas for more Jazzi and Ansel, though, so I hope they want more.

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  3. I loved your reasons for enjoying UF. Such fun!
    Congrats on finishing book 6 of Jazzi and Ansel. It’s great that you can shift focus between your cozy, your straight mystery, and those supernaturals. I’m sure when I discover Lux, I’ll lvoe it every bit as much as Jazzi and Ansel and the Muddy River crew. Happy writing!

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